For School buildings without a Hmong BRS on-site, please check below to find the BRS that is the point person for each language at that building.

* Designates BRS is placed at that building in 2017 - 2018.

School Point of Contact
Allis Hmong - Neng Xiong*
Badger Rock

Hmong Seng Yeng

Black Hawk

Hmong - Lue Herr*

Capital High Hmong - Ge Vang
Chavez Hmong - Yeng Her
Cherokee Hmong - Yer Yang*
Crestwood Hmong - Yer Yang
East Hmong - Ge Vang*
Elvehjem Hmong - Sheng Lee
Emerson Hmong - Que Vang*
Falk Hmong - Sheng Lee
Franklin Hmong - Yeng Her*
Glendale Hmong - Neng Xiong*
Gompers Hmong - Lue Herr*
Hamilton Hmong - Yer Yang
Hawthorne Hmong - Yuna Xiong* (1st Semester)
Huegel Hmong - Neng Xiong
Innovative and Alternatives Hmong - Ge Vang
Jefferson Hmong - Chao Herr
Kennedy Hmong - Sheng Lee*
La Follette Hmong - Seng Yang*
Lake View Hmong - Nhabee Her*
Lapham Hmong - Lue Herr
Leopold Hmong - Lincoln Vang
Lincoln Hmong - Lincoln Vang*
Lindbergh Hmong - Que Vang*
Lowell Hmong - Nhabee Her
Marquette Hmong - Lue Herr
Memorial Hmong - Chao Herr
Mendota Hmong - Ge Vang*
Midvale  Hmong - Yer Yang*
Muir Hmong - Yer Yang
Nuestro Mundo Community School Hmong - Seng Yang
Olson Hmong - Yeng Her
O'Keeffe Hmong - Lue Herr
Orchard Ridge Hmong - Lincoln Vang
Randall Hmong - Yeng Her*
Sandburg Hmong - Yuna Xiong (1st Semester)
Schenk Hmong - Que Vang*
Sennett Hmong - Seng Yang
Shabazz Hmong - Seng Yang
Sherman Hmong - Seng Yang*
Shorewood Hills

Hmong - Yuna Xiong (1st Semester)

Spring Harbor

Hmong - Yer Yang

Stephens Hmong - Yer Yang
Thoreau Hmong - Yuna Xiong (1st Semester)
Toki Hmong - Lincoln Vang
Van Hise Hmong - Yer Yang
West  Hmong - Chao Herr*
Whitehorse Hmong - Que Vang
Wright Hmong - Yeng Her