Who should use this application?

A CURRENT 8th grade DLI student who will continue the DLI program in High School
A current 8th grade student who is NOT currently in DLI and IS a Spanish speaking ELL, who would like to join the DLI program.

DLI High Schools: West and La Follette


How to apply?

Applications may be completed online at:

Online at https://multilingual.madison.k12.wi.us/8th-9th-DLI-Transition

Or please click here for a paper copy of the application.

Applications may be submitted to your school office or the Office of Multilingual and Global Education (OMGE) at 545 W Dayton Street, Room 216, Madison, WI 53703 or faxed to (608) 442-2900. Please contact OMGE at (608) 663-8440, or by email to rscolegial@madison.k12.wi.us with any questions.

Why do you need to apply now?

So DLI High Schools can make sure that:

  • There are enough spots in the program

  • Languages are balanced in the classrooms

  • Enough teachers are hired and professional development offered

  • There are enough materials, etc.

What happens after I submit the application?

Current DLI students: A letter will be sent after February 16th, 2018 confirming your spot in the program.

Students NOT currently in DLI: An OMGE or School representative will contact you to set up the necessary assessments.