DLI Feasibility Study

The school district is currently conducting a feasibility study on the implementation of Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs in collaboration with researchers from the UW-Madison. The purpose of the study is to provide recommendations on a long-term sustainable implementation of the program. The overall results are scheduled to be finalized during June of 2014.

Challenging Universal 'Good Teaching' Paradigms with Regard to Teaching Emerging Bilinguals

In partnership with Edgewood College & UW-Madison, MMSD hosts Kathy Escamilla to present to Instructional Resource Teachers on "Challenging Universal 'Good Teaching' Paradigms with Regard to Teaching Emerging Bilinguals" and to present to Teacher Leaders, Principals, and ESL/bilingual teachers on "Strategies for Developing Oracy and Metalanguage for Emerging Bilinguals."

Immersion and Biliteracy Camp

MMSD partners with The University of Texas at El Paso, a research institution with profound knowledge surrounding native-born and immigrants of Hispanic decent to develop cultural competency. Bilingual Resource Teachers visit El Paso, Texas for an "immersion and biliteracy camp experience." The teachers attend training provided by Elena Izquierdo, visit schools, and attend teacher/parent meetings.

DLI programming at Chávez

Due to the lack of Spanish-speakers in the Chávez attendance area, the Board of Education (BOE) reviews the DLI program which has 2 of 3 sections currently functioning as one-way immersion (all English-speakers) with instruction in Spanish 90% (kindergarten) or 80% (1st grade). Considering many factors, the BOE votes to not admit incoming kindergartners into the program and to continue the program of 3 sections in the 2013-14 school year while working with the district and parents to determine the future of the program.


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