Staff Name
 Position Phone E-mail
Administration & Clerical
 Romero-Johnson, Silvia Executive Director 663-1915
 Bell, Gabriela Bilingual Program Designer 663-8072
 Carranza, Teresa Coordinator of DLI and Biliteracy 663-8484
 Klutterman, Jen Instructional Design Coordinator 663-8439
 Patterson-Rivera, Rocio World Language Program Developer 442-2938 
 Colegial, Becca
 Administrative Assistant 663-8440
Bilingual Resource Specialists
 Barbosa, Clara

Spanish Translator of District-wide Documents, La Movida Radio Show "¿Qué Pasa?", & Oral and Written Language Support to Schools

 Einspahr, RosaSpanish Curriculum Translator  663-1716
 Herrera, Roberto

Spanish Translator and Interpreter - Department of Early and Extended Learning & Department of Student Services

 Vera Heredia, ClaribelleSpanish Curriculum Translator  663-4956 
 Thao, ChueHmong Translator of Districtwide Documents 663-8433
Teacher Leaders
 Huse, SaraGuided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) & School Support: Allis, Elvehjem, Falk, Gompers, Huegel, Kennedy, Lake View, Lindbergh, Mendota, Orchard Ridge, Shorewood 663-5278
 Kollasch, BenData Analysis & School Support, Information systems, Oasys and Infinite Campus data around ELLs 663-5989
 Salcido, AnaGuided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD), Literacy & School Support: Chavez, Nuestro Mundo 663-5247
 Thao, Maixia Hmong Language - Cultural Curriculum Development Teacher Leader 663-4950 
 Vazquez, Melissa DLI Planner  663-1970 
 Yaquian, Maria AlejandraDLI Planner 663-1501

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