Thank you for showing interest in the Hmong Developmental Bilingual Education (DBE) Program for your child to develop bilingualism and biliteracy skills in Hmong and English, in addition to many more benefits of multilingualism!  We look forward to supporting students’ growth and academic success in the Hmong DBE program!  Please complete all information below.

Deadline to submit interest form is: Monda, April 30th, 2018.

*Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Hmong DBE program.*

Student Information 

Student Information
Not mandatory. If you know your child's ID, please include.

Parent/Guardian Information 

NOTE: The Madison Metropolitan School District may administer English and/or Hmong language proficiency and/or literacy assessments to your child in order to determine his/her language skills and to support linguistic balance. Students who are considered for the Hmong DBE program must indicate that the student has Hmong language exposure when registering. Students will also be required to have their English proficiency level assessed.


Students need an extended period of time to reach high levels of proficiency in a second language. Many years of study are required for students to realize the academic achievement benefits of well-implemented dual language programs. It is important that your child remain enrolled in the Hmong DBE course of study for as many years as programming is available. Please check the box above to show your commitment to your child's continued participation in bilingual education in order to support their language and academic development.
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